Foodie Friday: The AYMB Guide To Trader Joe’s


You know those *haul* shopping videos on youtube? This is my version.

Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s?!?

No. Really. I actually want to know who you are, because I’ve yet to meet someone that doesn’t love that place. I’ve been a loyal customer of Trader Joe’s since about 1997 and I tend to move to areas that have a TJ’s within 10 minutes of my house.  When realtors talk about location, location, location, all I want to know is if there is a TJ’s nearby.

All loyal TJ’s customers have their favorites and I am no exception. I may have relied on their frozen meals and cheap wine (Two Buck Chuck!) back in the 90′s, but now I rely on their organic and healthy products to feed my family.  Trader Joe’s proves that organic, healthy, and natural products do not have to cost an arm and a leg. From a starving college student on a tight budget to a mom cooking for her family, Trader Joe’s has come through for me time and time again. The majority of my grocery receipts come from TJ’s, which should tell you everything.

Without further ado, these are my favorite Trader Joe’s products. Prices are current as of this post date:


Organic Oats & Flax Instant Oatmeal ($3.29) – when I feel the need to have a particularly healthy breakfast, these individual packets of oatmeal do the job.

8 Plus 2 100% Stone Ground Whole Grain Bread ($2.29) – my favorite bread, made with natural whole grains, soy & flax.

Vanilla Almond Crunch Cereal ($3.99) - this cereal is a favorite in my family. It’s good with or without milk!

Trader Joe’s Low-Fat Cereal Bars ($1.69) – made with organic grains, these cereal bars are perfect for a quick breakfast or healthy snack. I always have a few of these in my bag for when the the Monkey gets hungry.

Lavosh Bread ($1.99) - perfect for wraps or a snack with tahini or hummus.


Organic Creamy Peanut Butter ($2.99) – this is quite possibly the best peanut butter I’ve tried. When mixed well, it doesn’t dry out, either.

Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce ($2.49) - this mustard is incredible and works deliciously on anything from a turkey sandwich to grilled sausage.

Garlic Hummus ($2.49) – spread on lavosh or pita bread or dip your chips and veggies in it. This hummus is the best!

Organic Marinara Sauce ($2.29) - I use this tasty marinara for individual pizzas on English muffins or in pastas.

Panko Breadcrumbs ($1.69) – I prefer panko breadcrumbs to regular breadcrumbs and this panko is one of my favorites.

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals ($1.99) – this fabulous pink salt comes with a built-in grinder!

Taco Seasoning Mix ($0.79) - this is a great alternative to other taco seasoning packs because you can actually pronounce the ingredients.


Dark Chocolate & Almond Biscotti ($3.99) - perfect for a delicious after-dinner treat with coffee.

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds ($6.99) – Warning. These are highly addictive!

Tofutti Cuties Vanilla Bars ($2.69) - I love these and they are a much healthier alternative to ice cream sandwiches.

Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels with Sea Salt – you will be hard-pressed to find them now, but when they stock these seasonal treats, buy them! They are delicious!


Organic Chicken Tenders (about $6-$8) – I buy several packages of these every week because they are so versatile to use. I bread them with panko and flax and bake them into healthy chicken strips or cut them into small pieces for tacos.

Organic Whole Chicken (about $13-$15) – want to try my Chicken Soup recipe? This is excellent quality chicken for a good price. I also buy this chicken when I plan on roasting a whole chicken.

Frenched Lamb Rack from New Zealand ($10.99 per lb) – did you see my recent Foodie Friday post for Mustard Crusted Lamb Rack? This lamb rack is great for that recipe. It is free-range, hormone-free, and steroid-free. No need to spend big bucks at your local butcher with this quality lamb.


Organic Baby Carrots ($0.79) – an ideal snack or add to salads.

Organic Berries (around $2.99) – I buy a variety of their berries and combine them in a bowl at home for a quick and healthy snack.

Persian Cucumbers ($2.29) – slice them up and dip in tahini or hummus!

Organic Bananas ($0.29 each) – I can’t always find organic bananas at the big-chain grocery stores, which is why I’m so glad TJ’s sells them.

Brussels Sprouts ($1.99) – when I can’t find Brussels Sprouts on the stem (TJ’s occasionally sells them that way!), I’ll buy them in a bag. Use them in my roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe!

Quick Lunch/Dinner

I love Trader Joe’s salads for a quick lunch or dinner. My favorites include the Pear and Gorgonzola Salad ($3.49) and the Chopped Chicken Salad ($4.49)

“Just Chicken” Entree ($5.99) - this package of chicken has so many uses. My favorite quick recipe for this item is chicken salad and chicken quesadillas!


Savory Thin Mini Edamame Crackers ($2.49) – everyone in my family loves these delicious crispy crackers made of edamame.

Omega Trek Mix (individual packs of almonds, cashews, & cranberries) ($4.99) -  a perfect snack to-go!

Organic Light String Cheese ($4.99)  – this is the best string cheese I’ve found. Plus, it has 50% less fat than regular string cheese!

Pretzel Slims ($2.19) - a great snack when you need something salty and crunchy.

Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks ($1.49) – I love these pretzel sticks because they are both salty and sweet.

Organic Blue Tortilla Chips ($2.99) - the perfect complement to homemade guacamole.

Organic Animal Crackers ($2.99) – a much healthier alternative to the original animal crackers.

6-pack of Organic Yogurt ($3.29) – the Monkey loves this yogurt. Add some berries , granola, or Vanilla Crunch cereal on top for a great treat.

Veggie Stix and Veggie Chips ($1.99) – a much better option to potato chips! And tastier, too.

Another reason I love to shop at Trader Joe’s is for their selection of fresh flowers. I love having beautiful flowers in my home, but I hate spending a ton of money on them.  TJ’s is, by far, the best place to find reasonably priced and excellent quality flowers and plants. I even planted their lavender plants in my garden and they are doing beautifully. I have heard that they select local growers for their flowers, but I can’t confirm that.

Got any Trader Joe’s recommendations that are not listed here? Please share!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated by Trader Joe’s for this endorsement. However, if they want to throw a few free snacks my way, I’ll gladly accept it.