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Discovery Kids MP3 Boombox: Review and First Give-Away!

Discovery Kids™ Digital MP3 Boombox

Discovery Kids™ Digital MP3 Boombox

As a token of my appreciation for all my new blog readers and subscribers, I am offering my very first give-away! (Details below)

I am giving away a brand new Discovery Kids™ Digital MP3 Boombox! Retail Value is $39.99.

The Boombox has been a BIG hit with the Monkey. It is the perfect gift for any young child that loves music.  The Boombox comes pre-loaded with 20 kid-friendly songs ranging from more traditional tunes (like “This Old Man”) to more mature originals (such as the catchy “Bit by Bit” and clever “If You Lived in the White House”).

If you want to add your own music collection to the Boombox, you can connect it to your computer via USB.  (We loaded into the Monkey’s Boombox some Medeski Martin & Wood, Jack Johnson, Hot Buttered Rum*, and other great kids’ tunes that I discussed in this post.)

I really like the fun look of the Boombox and appreciate that it’s very easy for a child to use and carry (big buttons and integrated handle), while being very hard for a child to break (the kid-tough rubber case has protected the player from more than a few of the Monkey’s toy-throwing tantrums!).

Great product. Great gift. And a GREAT GIVE-AWAY!

To enroll in this give-away contest:

  1. Please leave a comment below between now and Saturday, October 17, 2009.
  2. I will pick one winner at random from the comments section by using a numerical system (comment #1, comment, #2, etc…).I will use’s Random Integer Generator to pick the number of the winner
  3. I will announce the contest winner via blog post on Monday, October 19, 2009 .  (So subscribe to the comments or blog so that you’ll know when a winner’s been announced!) The winner will have one week to e-mail their mailing address.
  4. I will ship you a new and unopened MP3 Boombox at my expense.  (My international readers need not worry; I will also ship internationally.)

Good luck everyone!

* Hot Buttered Rum disclaimer: I’m a big fan of their progressive Americana style of music. You really ought to check them out live and listen to their new album. They’re one of those rare bands that both kids and parents can enjoy and appreciate.

*Disclosure Updated 12.12.09:  In anticpiation of the FTC ruling for bloggers, I am including a disclosure update for this review and give-away. I did not receive any form of compensation from Discovery Kids for this review and give-away item.

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Where’s the remote?


If you’re a parent, then you already know about the one thing that is universal among all infants and toddlers:

The remote control obsession.

Just like phones, the remote control is fascinating to small children. Perhaps the fascination only applies to American children as some prelude to countless hours of future TV watching. Whatever it is, I don’t know one kid that doesn’t want to start flipping through the channels practically straight from the womb.

When my then-infant started fighting me over the remote (hello, Real Housewives is on…sorry that it conflicts with Yo Yo Gabba) I knew that I needed a plan. I had seen giant remote controls in stores before, but always laughed them off as a genius idea for people with vision problems or a gag gift. I quickly realized that they’re even more brilliant than that. Giant remote controls are one of the best toys for small children.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: Um, don’t you prefer wooden, BPA-free, and all-together non-toxic toys?

Yes. However, enjoyable TV watching without fighting a child over the remote control calls for an exception. Two things to remember: don’t put batteries in the damn thing and make sure the kid doesn’t chew on it. Problem solved.

Back to your regularly scheduled program…

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