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The Highchair From Hell

Hell No to the Peg PeregoI’m a picky shopper. I do my research before I buy products, especially if it’s something for the Monkey. I am willing to spend more money on a quality item that I use multiple times on a daily basis, like a high chair. So when I spend a lot, I expect  a lot in return. Simply put, I expect to get my money’s worth.  Before I bought my Peg Perego high chair, I read the safety reports and reviews. Reviewers raved about it. Other moms and friends raved about it. It seemed like this was the perfect highchair.


If you’re a clean-freak like I am, the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best (try saying that 5x fast) is the highchair from hell.

There is no proper way to clean the damn thing. The straps easily soil and stain and nothing works well enough to clean them. There are crevices on the side of the seat where food will find it’s way. You will find food in there that you know you haven’t served in weeks. You have to use a Q-Tip to clean that stuff out. The worst part is, the pleather seat starts cracking over time and then the material peels away. How is that possible? I usually only use a mild detergent to clean it, like Seventh Generation. On occasion, I use heavily diluted vinegar to clean the straps, so I don’t believe that’s the culprit. It just doesn’t make any sense to me and I know I’m not the only one. Over the past few months, I’ve read quite a few other reviews that say that exact same thing.

The Monkey is currently transitioning to a booster seat at the table and rarely sits down in the highchair. When he does, I have to actually put a cloth down for him to sit on because I don’t want him sitting on cracked and peeling pleather. How ridiculous is that? I would just go and buy another highchair, but it seems like such a waste when it’s not even going to be used much longer.

Needless to say, I don’t recommend the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Best Worst high chair. Spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. I wish I had another high chair to recommend, but I don’t. If you have found a great high chair, please leave a comment below.

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Your new baby is here. No accessories included.

Aden and Anais wraps

Aden and Anais wraps

We all know that babies don’t need much, other than lots of love, nourishment, and nurturing. But, for those of us that care for babies, we do need stuff. Lots of it.

I’ve been asked by friends about the products I use or what I think is necessary to have for first-time parents. I know there are already lots of lists of *baby essentials* out there, but this one is my own version of necessities. And, by necessities, I mean that I don’t function very well as a parent without this stuff.  This does not mean that I think you need all this stuff, too.

Note: I have not received any promotional items or paid sponsorship for any of the below-mentioned items. Everything listed is something I’ve been using for the past 2 years already.  Just putting that out there.

Without further ado…


  • Binkies – because I like sleeping and peaceful shopping trips as much as you do. My kid prefers Avent. Not sure why.
  • Muslin wraps – I love these Aden and Anais muslin wraps. Good for swaddling newborns or keeping your toddler warm during a walk – I don’t leave the home without one. They are also my go-to gifts for new parents.
  • Babysense Infant Movement Monitor – if you’re like me, you’re an anxious mom who will watch her kid breathe at night. I would not have been able to sleep at night without this movement monitor. I used it every night for the first year until my kid started rolling off of it. (continues…)
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