Foodie Friday: Thanksgiving ’09 – The Verdict


I don’t usually gloat about my cooking. In all honesty, I fail just as many times as I succeed. But, thanks to Chef Ryan (my guest chef for Foodie Friday last week), my Turkey Day was a hit!

My immediate family is spread out far and wide, from Hawaii to Boston to Afghanistan.  Needless to say, we miss quite a few holidays with everyone. But, fortunately this year, I was able to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with my mom, my mother-in-law, the Dude, and the Monkey. It might have been small, but it was lovely. For that, I am thankful.

I ate so much that I didn’t even leave room for dessert. That’s a first! But we’ve got leftovers for days. Weeks even. I may even have to extend Foodie Friday over the weekend to discuss some great tips for all those Turkey Day leftovers.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, even if you couldn’t be with everyone you love.

Thanksgiving at Ain’t Yo Mama’s House (click on pics to expand):


My tablescape, complete with felted fall produce created by my mother-in-law. How cute are they? I wish I was that crafty.


Another view of my tablescape, including the pumpkin pie I didn’t touch. I’ll get you tomorrow, pie.


Right out of the oven! This 15lb locally grown, all-natural, and fresh turkey cooked in only 1.5 hours. It was brined for 2 days and then coated with a sage, paprika, and brown sugar butter rub. It was perfect.


The pan drippings, moments before I slowly sprinkled in flour and turned it into a roux. After the flour was added, I added the turkey stock that I had prepared a few days earlier.


Roux  + Turkey Stock = Delicious Gravy!


This is a sourdough, apple, and chicken apple sausage dressing mixed with sage butter from Bon Appétit magazine. I eliminated the raisins because raisins do not belong in my food. It was very tasty.


After cooking we removed the breasts, which allowed carving against the grain. It presents beautifully, too.


Dinner is served and promptly devoured. I also served roasted Brussels sprouts, my mom’s delicious sweet potato pie with candied pecans, and a wonderful cranberry relish made by my mother-in-law. I think I need to go hit the fridge again.

This turkey dinner was EASY to prepare and cook. Seriously. The best part of all? The Dude not only helps cook but he washes dishes, too.

I’ll make that man turkey every day of the week.