100 Posts…And Counting

My 100th post!

Sorry I’m so excited about this, but it kinda feels like a milestone for me.

This time last year, I wasn’t even thinking about blogging. It never even crossed my mind that, one day, I would join the esteemed ranks of mommy bloggers. But I’m so glad I did. The past 8 months or so have been a whirlwind of writing posts, reading posts, and meeting and connecting with (both online and off) some wonderful bloggers.

So in honor of…well…my blog, I think this 100th post needs to showcase what I consider to be the highlights from the past 100 blog posts. Maybe you’ve read them all (Hi, Mom and Dad!) or maybe this is your first time here. Either way, I welcome you on a little journey through my favorites.

September 2009

Belly Bullies – A post where I declare war on people who (wo)man-handle pregnant women and disregard their feelings. If I ever get pregnant again, I’m going to make a t-shirt that says “If you touch my belly, I will sit on you.”

Bring Back the Yips Yips (An Open Letter to Sesame Street) – I think the title says it all. I miss the Yip Yips on Sesame Street! Please sign the petition if you agree.

Where’s The Music? – In short, a summary of my favorite music for babies and toddlers. You won’t see Baby Mozart on this list.

Your New Baby Is Here. No Accessories Included – My list of all the products that helped me during the newborn and infant stage. I forward this list to everyone I know who is expecting their first baby or is in search of the perfect baby gift.

October 2009

Big Brother (Part I)A series of posts where I contemplate making my little Monkey a big brother. It’s an ongoing internal conflict that is leaning towards…I still don’t know.

Guest Post: Get Crafty With Lauren from The Little Goat – My first guest blogger, Lauren from the blog and Etsy shop, The Little Goat. Her “wunzees” are adorable!  She gives you some tips on how to make your own.

November 2009

Turn Off Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s TV Time for Yo Mama – A list of must-see TV for couples that may otherwise have trouble finding shows they both enjoy. Most husbands will not watch Real Housewives with their wives. This list will help couples before they resort to going to two different rooms to watch TV. Don’t let that happen to your marriage.

Oh, The People In My Neighborhood – Live on a street where you have wonderful neighbors, people throw block parties, and you all get along perfectly? You probably won’t understand this post and that’s a good thing.

It’s Hard Out Here For A Cashew – What’s it like being raised half-Catholic and half-Jewish, otherwise known as a Cashew? Let’s start with double the guilt. In fact, I feel guilty even writing about this topic.

Foodie Friday Special Edition: This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Turkey – Chef Ryan explains how to cook the perfect turkey. There is a reason why this is one of my most popular blog posts. This turkey recipe is perfection!

December 2009

It’s Good To Be a Feminist Housewife – No, really, it is. Find out why.

My Grandparent’s Guide To Love – I wrote this post a few days before my beloved grandmother passed away. Five months later, her husband (my grandfather), is just trying to maintain the will to live. This is a love story that is 70 years in the making and it will continue long after he is gone, too.

A Mama’s Year-End Review -  If my 2 year old could give me a year-end review, this is probably how it would go.

January 2010

Foodie Friday: Lamb Ragu with Homemade Spinach FettuccineDo I even need to explain this one? Save your weight watchers points for this incredibly delicious recipe.

February 2010

The Games Couples PlayI love playing games with the Dude. No, I mean real games.

Mental Monday: A Lifetime Sentence To Worry – You never stop being a parent. And once you become a parent you’ll never stop worrying, either.

March 2010

In Support Of Gay Rights: A Message To MamasWe need to stop the bigotry and intolerance against the LGBT community and I’m asking moms to step up. Why? Because not only is it the right thing to do, but it might be one of our kids that will need equal rights, protection, and acceptance.

Mental Monday: ‘Til Death Do Us Part - To know profound love is to also know intense pain and heartache.  But, if you ask those that have lived through the death of a partner, it’s all worth it.

Foodie Friday: Reservations for Two…Plus a Highchair -  Don’t go to restaurants with your young kids without reading this guide for dining out with children.  You do not want your kid to be that kid in the restaurant.

April 2010

Favorite iphone Apps for Toddlers – The iphone helps me be a better parent and here are the apps that make it possible.

Foodie Friday: Sunday Morning Bacon and Zucchini Frittata – The Dude explains how he treats random Sundays as Mother’s Day, by making me a delectable frittata. This recipe is just one of the many reasons why I married him. Awwww….

The Children of Afghanistan – A photo montage of children in Afghanistan, photos courtesy of my sister who lives there.  These pictures both break and strengthen my heart.

May 2010

Foodie Friday: Eat Your Heart Out, San Francisco – A food diary of sorts of all my favorite restaurants, specialty food shops, and markets in the various neighborhoods of the Foggy City. I’ve been asked how long it took me to create this list. Surprisingly not that long. I’ve been a *yelper* for almost 3 years, so most of these places were on my review list already. Take this list with you if you’re visiting SF or try new places if you’re already there! 

Thanks for coming along the ride down AYMB memory lane. It’s a short lane, but a lane nonetheless. Hope to keep seeing you down the road.