What’s Next For Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog?

Hello Readers!

As I start blogging my way into a 2nd month of Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog, I have some very exciting stuff coming up that I would love to share with you all.

Gimme Gimme!

First, I have more give-aways coming up! I know give-aways are quite popular (duh) and I enjoy them, too. Just like almost every other parent I know, I am a big consumer of all things kid-related. When I need to shop for my kid, especially if it’s for a big-ticket item, I depend on other parents for product reviews and feedback.  I like to do the same for other parents. I have been a long-time reviewer on websites like www.yelp.com (two-time Elite!) and consumer websites like www.amazon.com, so writing reviews is nothing new to me. I have always loved spreading the word about an incredible restaurant, service, product, or company. I don’t believe that reviews and give-aways diminish the primary purpose and perspective of a blogger.  I believe reviews and give-aways can actually enhance the content of a blog.  To know me and my blog is to also know the stuff I like to buy and gift to others.

One final and very important note about that: in the few years I have been reviewing online, I have never ever ever been paid or sponsored in any way. Although, to be perfectly honest, I have been given free frozen yogurt as a thank you for a good review. If, in the future I am paid or sponsored, I will disclose that information. I will always be honest about the products I love and the products I despise.  I didn’t start blogging to make a few bucks or get free stuff. However, I must admit that frozen yogurt usually works well.

Mama Needs a Break Sometimes: Guest Bloggers/Writers

In other exciting news, I will be featuring some fabulous guest bloggers and writers in the upcoming weeks. My guests will be discussing a wide range of topics, from craft projects and recipes to philanthropy and therapy. There will even be a guest post from the Dude himself. I am very excited to showcase a diverse array of people talking about some very interesting things. Things that I know most parents will appreciate. I know I’m excited!

Keep in Touch

I know you’re out there, readers. I don’t know who all of you are (other than you, Mom), but I know you come from all over the world. Feel free to post a comment if something speaks to you or drop a line via the contact form on the menu bar. The readers that have already been in touch know that I will always respond. I would love to hear from you.


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