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This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Fitness Website: Tight Bod With A Pod!

I’ve quickly become a fan of a brand new website for women, by women:

Tight Bod With A Pod

Tight Bod with a Pod (TBwaP) is a free daily newsletter about healthy tips for pre/post-natal moms, including fitness and exercise regimens, healthy recipes, and other healthy lifestyle topics. It’s like having your own personal trainer and chef at home. OK, not quite…but it’s as close to it as most of us are going to get!

I think most mamas can relate when I say it’s hard to find the time (and energy!) to lead a very active and fit lifestyle. I’m lucky to squeeze in a few runs or workout DVD’s every week. However, I’m always looking for good exercise tips that I can do at home and healthy recipes that can satisfy my cravings without costing me too many calories (think flour-less chocolate cake and a hot white-chocolate drink!). They had me at *chocolate.*

I signed up for TBwaP only a few weeks ago and I’ve already learned some great tips for both of my fitness-challenged issues. It’s not just about exercises and recipes though. I’ve also learned about some great products for babies and mamas as well as adorable and fun craft projects.

Sign up for their newsletter and check it out for yourself!

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Born to Run? Not Quite.

My new kicks!

My new kicks! Hey, I might not be a runner yet, but at least I can look the part.

I love to exercise, but running was never something I enjoyed. I would only run when necessary, like when I was chasing a ball or dribbling one.  The other night I had a dream that I ran a marathon. I’m not quite sure what prompted a running dream all of a sudden. I’m surrounded by runners, especially on Facebook, but that never seemed to motivate me to kick up my heels.

Chances are, watching the images of the recent NYC Marathon entered my subconscious, which then forced its way into my dream zone.  I awoke early the next morning with an urge to run. And I did. I ran one mile. Two days later I ran another mile, 2 minutes shorter than the previous run.  I even went to my local running store last night and bought a new pair of shoes. If I whip out the credit card, you know I mean business.

Baby steps. A mile here and a mile there. I’ll try and run every other day and see how it goes. My goal? I hope to run a 5K within 2 months. From there, who knows. What I do know is this. It’s not so much about losing weight or looking good (although those stubborn last 10 pounds from pregnancy would not be missed). It really is about my health. I have a 2 year old that is all-boy. He loves to run and chase things, especially me. And one thing is for sure…I refuse to have a 2 year old kick my ass.

Are you a runner and have any tips? Please share!

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