A Wardrobe Male-function

The Dude has great style and it was one of the first things I noticed about him.

John Varvatos,  Hugo Boss, Christian Dior, and Cole Haan are just some of the labels you can find in his closet. When we travel, he spends time seeking out good tailors to make custom-made clothes. Gorgeous suits from Argentina. Beautiful button-down shirts from Thailand.  When he dresses down in t-shirts and shorts, he still looks good. The guy even looks stylish when he’s going for a six mile run.

So, it was with a mix of shock and horror when he came home with a new t-shirt that he ordered online:


No. Just no.

“What IS that!?!” I asked him, unable to mask my disgust.

My new shirt! Isn’t it cool?” he exclaimed with delight.

“You’re joking, right? You’re not actually going to wear that in public, are you?”

“Of course! It’s funny and the Monkey will love it”

“Who are you?”

Is fatherhood to blame? As the Monkey gets older, does the Dude want to become younger…or at least dress the part? What’s next? Will he start wearing baseball caps backwards or lowering his jeans to inappropriately obscene levels?  I believe this t-shirt may be the gateway t-shirt to a wardrobe filled with stuff that teenage boys would wear.

I am seeking a few answers from the Dude. But for now, the offending t-shirt has been relegated to the bottom of a drawer…awaiting shipment to my 14 year old half-brother.