Pregnancy Websites: The Good, The Bad, And The Scary

I was 31 when I gave birth and, even at that ripe old age, I was still one of the first among my friends to have a baby. I guess some of us just like to hang onto our youth for dear life. Nothing puts a damper on good times like something that needs a Pamper. Plus, having a baby means you’re finally responsible and mature, right? Unless you’re a Spears, of course.

When I discovered I was pregnant, there were very few women in my life that I could turn to for advice, wisdom, and commiserating. So who else could I turn to? Pregnant women online that I would never actually meet in real life.

The Good:

I discovered in my first trimester and was able to join an online forum with other pregnant women due the same month as me. I was immediately hooked.  I would read posts from other women dealing with the same aches and pains, weird body changes, and anxieties. For the most part, the forum helped normalize so much of what was going on with me. Things that no one else could really understand, especially The Dude. It seemed like the only people who could understand were these pregnant strangers, all going through the same stuff together. (continues…)

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