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Guest Post: Happiness Is A Gnawed Nipple

Carrie Loewenthal Massey is a writer based in New York City. When she’s not writing, she’s cooking, running, trying to control her spending here, or, most likely, building magnificent cup towers with her baby boy.

Happiness Is a Gnawed Nipple
The Perils of Ice-Cream Free Breastfeeding

I’m walking the five blocks home from the Gymboree Play and Music location where my 8-month-old son, Josh, takes classes. I have him in the baby carrier, his pom-pom hat brushing my chin.  I’m ravenous.

What to eat?  I’m on a restricted diet because I’m still nursing Josh and his lower intestines can’t quite process dairy or soy yet.  It’s a common intolerance, as the pediatrician has stressed, not an allergy, and he will likely grow out of it around age one.  But I haven’t had a chocolate milkshake since I was pregnant, and I hadn’t intended to give them up postpartum.

I walk past the three, yes, three, pizza places on the next two blocks.  I see fresh pies emerging from the oven as I pass the last shop. The 20 pounds of baby strapped to me dissipate as I make a hard left toward the door, ready to devour a whole cheese pie, baked ziti, even the “B” health grade sign the New York Sanitation department has displayed in the window.  Alas, nearly everything has soy in it, so the sign probably isn’t safe.

On the couch back home, I’m malnourished and cranky.  Mr. No Dairy No Soy is latched to my breast, drinking away.  I debate ordering a rare steak à la carte from the Argentine place up the street, when little blue eyes takes a break, smiles at me so wide I see all five of his adorable teeth, nuzzles me, then chomps down so hard on my left nipple that he breaks skin.

I scream.  He giggles. (continues…)

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Guest Post: Parent-Archivist (Thoughts and Tips from a Shutterbug)

Shooting Monkeys

The Dude photographs monkeys of all kinds.

One Sunday morning at the beginning of last year, I read this piece in the New York Times Magazine, which postulates that parenting today is defined by the process of archiving digital media of our children.  More morosely, it explains that

American children in 2010 have a bright, clear reason for being. They exist to furnish subjects for digital photographs that can be corrected, cropped, captioned, organized, categorized, albumized, broadcast, turned into screen savers and brandished on online social networks.

Tongue even more firmly in cheek, the article describes the initiation process into digital parenthood:

The marching orders come immediately, with the newborn photo, which must be e-mailed to friends before a baby has left the maternity ward. A conscientious father . . . must snap dozens of shots of the modestly wrapped newborn. . . . Back at a laptop, he uploads the haul, scrutinizing pixels. . . . He selects a becoming one. The mother signs off, often via e-mail, from her hospital bed. . . . Thus a parent is minted.

Indeed.  And it doesn’t stop at the hospital. We all take virtual piles of pictures now that digital cameras have become nearly disposable in price and cameraphones ubiquitious.  But for all of the advantages of digital media — immediacy, bottomless storage, etc. — there is one serious disadvantage: It takes but a small computer problem to lose it all.  Anyone who’s experienced a hard drive crash can attest to just how many precious memories can be lost in an instant.  And, disaster aside, I think we’ve all grown a bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of files and sources of our digital media.

So, given my role as Archivist-in-Chief in our household, Aimee thought I might be able to give AYMB readers some helpful advice by describing what we do in terms of documenting the Monkey, how we archive/curate it all, and how we secure and back it up.  But first, some background.


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Foodie Friday: This Ain’t Yo Mama’s Turkey


Brined and cooked to perfection!

Around this time last year, I posted a guest feature from one of my favorite professional chefs, Chef Ryan, on how to cook the perfect turkey. I have now used this recipe several times and, without fail, each turkey turns out amazing. If you’re looking for the perfect turkey recipe, don’t look any further! Please note, this recipe takes some prep time, so be prepared to get started a few days before T-Day. It’s worth it, though. Your guests will most definitely be thankful.

See below for the original post!



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It’s a special day at AYMB!

So, what’s so special about today?!? Well, my friends…

…it’s my SITS Day!!!*

If you’ve never been to Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog before, welcome! I hope you’ll come back again soon. And, if you’re a returning reader, I hope you know how much I adore you already.

the Dude & the monkey

My two favorite guys - the Dude and the Monkey

A little about me and my blog for those stopping by for the first time:

My name is Aimee. I live in SoCal with my husband of 5 years, the Dude, and our little Monkey who turns 3 this month. I am a registered pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFTi) but have been a stay-at-home mom since the Monkey was born. The Dude is the one who suggested I become a blogger and he is, without a doubt, my biggest supporter. He is also a silent partner here at AYMB. You see, the Dude not only created this website but he also deals with all the techy stuff (the stuff I am either incapable of doing or unwilling to learn). Although the Dude prefers to work backstage, he sometimes comes out of hiding to write about various interesting stuff, like how to make an awesome frittata.  I find more reasons to love him everyday and I’m also glad I didn’t let a small issue like height differences get in the way of true love. Yes, that pun was intended. (continues…)

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Prepping for the First Day of School

I’m a guest again over at the fabulous Tight Bod with a Pod website!

The lovely ladies behind the website asked me to contribute an article about preparing your preschooler or kindergartner for the first day of school. As a mom to a toddler that will start preschool in a matter of a few months, I felt more than compelled to write about this topic. These prepping tips are something that I will be doing soon as well.

If you have a child starting preschool or kindergarten soon, please check out my article for a few helpful tips! If you have any other suggestions or tips, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

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