On All The Things That Make Me Beautiful: Book Review and Give-Away!

On All The Things That Make Me Beautiful“….our potential is endless. Even when we’re tired and beaten down, drained and out of steam, frustrated and full of rage, or broke and without a dime, our God-given potential for greatness is intact and abundant. It’s an innate power that comes free with birth, but often gets ignored and forgotten as life takes hold.”

-Nadirah Angail

In our world today, it can be a challenge for young women to gain self-confidence and a healthy perspective and awareness on life, in general. From a much-too early age, we are inundated with negative images, words, and beliefs. Many young women are brought up to believe that there are limitations. We live in a society that often projects to girls and women that there is only one standard of beauty, one way to behave, one way to be treated, one way to love, and so forth. Blogger and author Nadirah Angail, who has a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, wrote this book to remind girls and women that the only *one* thing you need to do in life is to love and believe in yourself.

This book, composed of easy-to-read short blog-style essays, offers women of all ages advice and many words of wisdom. It’s a book that many older women may wish their younger selves had read. Angail address a number of topics that relate to women of all ages, from learning the signs of healthy love versus unhealthy love, red flags and deal breakers for relationships, on overcoming the end of the *honeymoon* phase in a relationship, dealing with negative friendships, self-doubt, self-acceptance, forgiveness, personal reflection, and being responsible for your own happiness. (continues…)

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